Compile the information gathered for the module assignments to develop a project paper on the sleep disorder Insomnia to research.

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Insomnia Nam Institution Affiliate Insomnia is a disorder that results into sleepless nights. Individuals who suffer from insomnia find it difficult to fall asleep at night as well as feeling tired during the day. The effect of sleepless nights may occur three or more times in a week and may persist for several weeks or even months. In this paper, we will discuss the history and overview of the sleep disorder as well as its symptoms, the assessment of the patient concerning the sleeping disorder using interview method and carrying out diagnosis to the patients. The paper will also discuss the type of therapy that is available for the Insomnia, how Insomnia affects different activities of the body such as respiration and cardiac function, patient evaluation and education and finally the changes that occur to the patient after the therapeutic treatment Overview of the sleep disorder as well as its symptoms When one finds it hard to sleep at night for more than three days every week continuously, then it shows that the brain is overworking and therefore there is the likelihood that such individual is able to suffer from insomnia. Some of the symptoms that an individual is likely to experience which can show that such a person suffers from Insomnia are; difficulty to sleep at night and the problem of concentration during the day. Some individuals also feel irritated and have a bad mood during the day due to the improper sleep they had during the night (Rosen & Zozula, 2000). People with problems of sleeping patterns should consult with primary doctors. During their consultation, they are interviewed about how they feel with the change in how they sleep as well

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