Comparison of the poems of Pablo Neruda and Joy Harjo

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Analysis of Poems- Delving into the Common Trends In Literature, it is critical to take a keen desire to all dimensions of external poetries. Poetry refers to a set of language in a compact form that shows complex emotions. Poem analysis involves understanding various works done by the same poet and, this provides for an external perspective. In fact, a poet’s ethnic background and cultural heritage have a great impact on his or her writings. Joy Harjo who was once a painter applied a painter’s technique in her writings (Jason, 6). Formatting style- Both Joy Harjo and Pablo Neruda encrypt poems from the left side of a page, a formatting style preferred by most editors compared to the centered-like poems. Subsequently, the poem, “Call It Fear” by Joy Harjo is double-spaced because of the need for an extra space between the lines to insert additional information. For instance, in the 14th line, the word “Heartbeat” has been inserted. Writing Style- Firstly through the usage of metaphors. In the poem, “Leaning into the Afternoons” the word “Afternoons’ in line 1 and 2 symbolizes the last ordeal of a love affair. Moreover, the word “Horse” symbolizes the power demonstrated by a plain India, the undying spirit. Repetition has been deployed by the two poets for emphasis. In the poem “SONNET XVII” by Pablo Neruda, “I love you” has been severally repeated just like in the poem, “Call It Fear” where the word “backward” has been repeated. The same rhyming pattern aims at attracting reader’s attention. Direct connection to people’s emotion- In

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