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Estimating fetal weight throughout pregnancy Name Institution Abstract Fetal weights are a source of concern for pregnant women. This is because any deviations can result in complications with serious consequences to include to intrapartum asphyxia, injuries to the bones and brachial plexus, and so on. The concern is greatest for women in underdeveloped countries and from low-income households since they are unable to access modern medical technologies that would ease accurate determination of fetal weights to evaluate the pregnancy. The concern is heightened by the fact that fetal weight is a function of the gestational age and other demographic factors to include gender and ethnicity. To address this concern, there is a need to identify a method that would effectively and cost-efficiently determine fetal weight with the intention of identifying abnormalities and correcting them. Obviously, the identified method must be able to show that either exceeds 4 kg for extreme weight at birth and 2.5 kg for LFW at birth. Four methods have been proposed as suitable for use in technology deficient settings. These non-technology based tools for assessing fetal weight include tactile assessment, Dawn’s formula, Johnson’s formula and indirect estimation. The conclusion is made that there is a need to evaluate the three non-technology based tools to identify the most accurate tool that is guaranteed to work within the technological restrictions with a high level of accuracy. Estimating fetal weight throughout pregnancy Introduction Both low and excessive fetal weights have been reported at delivery with serious consequences. In fact, they have been associated with

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