Comparison between two piece of art work

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Comparing the Dolphin Vase with Kamares Ware The Dolphin Vase Title Dolphin Vase Date 1921 Period 1979-1908 B.C. Style of art Pottery Vase Country of origin Egypt The Iconography and Style of the Dolphin Vase The Dolphin Vase is a pottery jug that makes use of the naturalistic show of dolphins and wading birds. There are three dolphins across the face of the jug that are drawn to appear in a motion form. Moreover, two of the dolphins have three birds drawn on top of it, and another dolphin has four birds. The use of black and white colors to draw the animals on an orange background gives the design pattern a Polychromic design. Also, the drawing of the birds and the dolphins gives geometric patterns with simple linear patterns and simple dots in its complex ornament design. Harmony is achieved from the repetitive pattern of the single dolphin and several birds on top given in three groups to give a relatively simpler syntax. The dolphin jug, therefore, unlike the Kamares vase offers simplicity, with richness and value in the drawing of the designs. The Design of Dolphin Vase The dolphin jug design can be grouped into two, the upper section containing ten birds and the lower section that has three dolphins. The striking feature of the drawings is that the dolphins and the birds are presented to appear in motion, with the feet of the birds webbed out for balance and the fins of the dolphins having waves around them to suggest movement. The tails of the dolphins and the dorsal fins are not aligned with the body this suggesting search for balance in motion. The general design of the animals and the shape of the jug gives

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