Comparison between free and Immobilized Ion Effects on Hydrophobic Interaction:A Molecular Dynamics Study

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Insert name Professor’s name Course/class Date Article Review on Hydrophobic Interactions (HI) In “Comparison between Free and Immobilized Ion Effects on Hydrophobic Interactions: A molecular dynamics study,” Huang, Kai, Sebastian Gast, Derek Ma, Nicholas Abbott and Izabela Szlufarska discuss the chemistry of hydrophobic interactions (HI) and how they are affected by both free and immobilized ions. Applying an experimental approach and modeling techniques, the authors note that free ions (in the form of free salts) cause changes in water density, particularly near the nonpolar molecular surface thereby affecting HI. In addition, it is noted that immobilized ions affect HI through changes in spatial arrangements and ionic sizes. In essence, the article illustrated that while immobilized ions (particularly univalent proximal anions) weaken HI, free ions strengths the interactions. Other than the effect on the interactions, it is noted that while free ions observe the Hofmeister-like ranking system in order effect on HI in relation to ionic size, immobilized ions do not observe the same system (Huang et al. 13153-1357). Therefore, the article presents the result of a study on HI in which it is reported that free ions and immobilized ions have contrasting effects on the interactions. HI is at the heart of a lot of renowned chemical interactions characterized as biophysical, colloidal, and interfacial phenomena. These phenomena are seen in everyday life to include nonpolar surfaces forming water beads, proteins and biomembranes folding and assembly, mineral particles’ air flotation, and coalescing of petroleum particles on water surfaces. They are also seen in

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