Comparison Between Artistic Modernism and Philosophical Idealism

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Artistic modernism is pigeon-holed by the considered withdrawal from tradition and the use of innovation that differentiate styles in the arts of the late nineteenth and the twentieth century. During this period, there was interest to express ideas and feelings using new materials and paints hence modernism. The idea was not to represent what is real but instead create fantasies and abstractions. In the artistic modernism, the audience needs to observe carefully so that they can understand some facts before making judgments concerning the work. Modernism was motivated by various political and social agendas (Searle and Streng 14). Modernism was commonly allied to ideal visions of people life and society as well as a belief in progress. While on the other hand, philosophical idealism was foreseen by some facets of seventeenth-century philosophy. However, it is usually discussed as a movement mainly in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The philosophical idealism scrutinizes the association between epistemological idealism and ontological idealism. Where, epistemological idealism is the opinion that the fillings of human knowledge are ineluctably dogged by the edifice of human thought, and ontological idealism is the opinion that epistemological idealism conveys truth since reality itself is a form of thought and human thought partakes in it. Before the 19th century, Artists used to make artwork for the wealthy patrons and institutions. The Art portrayed mythological or religious scenes envisioned to inculcate the viewers. During this time, Artist began to make arts about ideas, places, people and anything else that interested them provided they had a direct

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