Comparing Light and Dark Romantics

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Comparing Light and Dark Romantics Dark and light romantics depict many differences on the way different authors present their writings and materials on diverse concepts. The light Romantics believed in a greater good that implied that man is good and alleged that God is everywhere. On the other hand, the dark romantics were created in response to the light romantics as they believed that man is not good. They alleged that everyone is lonely and misunderstood and that God is something that everyone must seek and reach since not all are part of God. Edgar Allan Poe is one of the authors who developed books on dark romanticism that focused on the negative meaning of things. Therefore, this paper shall establish a comparison of dark and light romantics based on the thoughts of Edgar Allan Poe to Thoreau and Emerson on spiritual and supernatural occurrences. Dark romanticism rejected rational and intellectual actions for intuitive and the emotional movements. Edgar Allan Poe accentuated that moralistic and cerebral rudiments have no domicile in the art industry. He claimed that the theme of writings should depict unswerving upshot on emotions. Poe said that cerebral and moralistic was destined for homilies and elucidations while moods were the solitary province of romanticism since man needs to feel and sense things before thinking about them. Therefore, throughout his work, his characters are subjugated with feelings, and this elucidates the intermittent comportment of the guises in all of his works. In the different parts of Poe's writings, his characters are commonly subjugated by their emotions. The discernment infers much of

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