Comparing Cultures

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Name:Professor: Course Name: Date: Comparison between greeting cultures of China and Kenya There are many differences in cultures across the world. This occurrence, therefore, means that there is need to make sure that one analysis the cultural and customary believes of a country before he or she sets to take an adventure relocate or start a business in the given state. This paper deals with the comparison between the etiquette and customs of China and Kenya. To do these cultures very efficiently, the perfect way is to understand the greeting culture in China and Kenya before analysing how the two cultures are different or similar. This is therefore achieved by first discussing the Kenyan greeting culture followed by Chinese greeting culture. The difference and the similarities are then explained in the last part. Meeting and Greetings in Kenya The most common greetings, which are used by Kenyans, is the handshake followed by the mention of the word “jambo”. The word "jambo" means hello in Kiswahili language. There are however many details which are used during handshakes depending on the status, age and the gender of the people who are shaking hands at that point. This is because with age, people are seen as respectable and the young ones seen as the kids who need direction and guidance from the aged (Harkness, and Super, 357-370). When greeting someone who is older than you are, one is not allowed to look at them in the eye; you use your two hands while greeting to show some warmth, respect and agreement in anything. This case also applies to women while greeting their husbands, in-laws, fathers and other older men in the society. This acts as a way of

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