comparing counseling to medication therapy age 7 to 12

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Comparing Counseling to Medication Therapy Age 7 To 12 Name: Institution: Abstract Counseling therapy and medication therapy are two main mechanisms that clinicians use to deal with mental and psychological issues among children. The current study seeks to determine which of the two mechanisms is ideal for children between the ages of 7 and 12 years. Previous research indicates that counseling psychology is more effective in handling psychological issues in children because it ensures that the children develop coping mechanisms at a young age, which helps them to survive better in the world. The study analyzed five previous studies to determine the thoughts that various scholars have on the mater and to analyze the available evidence based practice. The five studies unanimously agree that both mechanisms are equally important but counseling therapy offers long-lasting solutions to depression and other psychological issues. As such, medication therapy can be used in the presence of counseling psychology, but the use of medical therapy singularly leads to relapse. Comparing Counseling to Medication Therapy Age 7 To 12 Literature Review Summary Table Studies/Variables Type of Study Design and framework Variables Concepts and Main Points Hunsley, J., Elliot, K. & Therrien, Z. (2013). Mixed method: qualitative and quantitative Systematic review -to analyze the effectiveness of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy by analyzing previous studies Independent variable-method of treatment (counseling or medication) Dependent variable- recovery or healing process of the patient Pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, relapse of the patients, complete recovery of the

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