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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Comparison of Jazz Music Jazz music is an American music genre that has seen various changes over the years. Jazz music existed from time immemorial, but the genre became recognized in the music industry after the production of Heebie Jeebies by Louise Armstrong. Armstrong is one of the greatest jazz musicians who ever lived. During the recording of the song, Armstrong is believed to have lost his lyric sheet thus leading him to invent new rhythms and tunes along the song to create a reasonable performance (Alexander 49). Regardless of the issues concerning the performance, people loved the arrangement and began creating a similar format of music hence the creation of a new genre. Other musician began creating similar music because it allowed them the freedom of creativity, which was not common in other music genres. Jazz did not have any specific rules, and the musicians used the surrounding environments, their feelings, and their experience to create music. It attracted a wide group of musicians from all walks of life, but African-American musicians were more attracted to the genre than their counterparts were. Jazz was referred to as the salt of the east because it began in Oreland before spreading to rest of the world (Kramer 90). Today, jazz has remained relevant and a creative way of musicians to explore their talents. Other than Louise Armstrong, Charles parker is another person who had a considerable contribution to jazz music. He changed some of the things that were traditionally associated with jazz and created a new subgenre referred to as the bebop. Both the traditional jazz of Armstrong and the modern jazz pioneered by

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