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Student Professor Course Date Similarities and Differences between New York and Los Angeles Cities Located at opposite coasts of the US, Los Angeles and New York cities are among the largest cities which receive the attention of the whole world. Extremely large and densely populated, the two cities are situated in different states, Los Angeles is located in California while New York City is found in New York. Each year, both of these megalopolises receive large numbers of visitors. Individuals live in either city based on their preferences and other factors which vary per persons. While Los Angeles and New York cities appear to have a lot in common in the manner they are depicted, the two cities are massively different in housing and populations. While the average cost of a home in Los Angeles is $583,600, New York has an average home cost of $581,400. This indicates that it is relatively less costly to purchase a home in New York than in Los Angeles. The same case applies to renting a home in the two cities as the cost is a bit higher in Los Angeles when compared to New York. Despite this discrepancy concerning the cost of buying a home, the total homes owned in Los Angeles is higher than those owned in New York. In Los Angeles, the proportion of homes owned is 34.4% of the total while in New York is 29.03%. From the numbers above, it is apparent that the there is a high house vacancy in New York than in Los Angeles which is favorable for students and job seekers (Shepodd 1). The climates of both New York and Los Angeles have some similarities. Both cities experience winter and summer seasons even though there are slight variations. In Los Angeles, the winters

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