compare causes and consequences of child labor

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Introduction: Child labor refers to the input that children provide in the production of goods and services which can be used to generate money for their employers regardless of whether the child is paid or not . This article compares child labor in the industrial revolution to the employment of children in armies and factories in certain parts of the world today. Essay One Point: The causes of child labor during the industrial revolution are very similar to the causes of employing children as child soldiers today. The consequences of the two actions, on the other hand, are closely related but a little different.Evidence: From source one, tow, and four, one can see the various reasons why child labor was needed during the industrial revolution. Some of the reasons given include the affordability of child labor, the lack of rebellion from children, the need that the children had for work, and their ability to fit in small spaces in which the adults could not fit etcetera . Child labor discouraged children from going to school and as a result increased poverty . Today, people recruit child soldiers because they are easy to manipulate and they do not demand as much pay as the adults. When these children get back from the wars, they do not have the necessary skills to do simple jobs and earn a living . Therefore, they increase the poverty levels in their communities. Explanation: This evidence demonstrates that most of the factors that motivated employers in the industrial revolution to employ children still exist to date. Rebel forces in parts of Africa, Asia, and South America prefer to use children because they easily submit to authority and do as they are told

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