compare Behavioral Learning Theories and Cognitive Learning Theories

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Learning Theories Name Institution Affiliation Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss the two central learning theories (Cognitive Learning and Behavioral Learning Theories) that are applied by present-day psychoanalysts and instructors. The realization of this undertaking will be determined by not only the analysis of the technical and historical settings from which the theories originated, but also through the investigation of the messages that the Christian perspective and the Bible conveys to the Christian about learning and its application in spiritual guidance and training. There will be an assessment of the available research and specific educational implications enforced on the learner by each theory. The paper will conclude by providing the premise that proves the effectiveness of Cognitive Learning Theory in a standard educational context. Additionally, the conclusion will incorporate the stipulation that behavioral learning theory is suited for a special needs instructional situation that is characterized by delays in mental growth and conception. Learning Theories It is hard to determine the most suitable Learning Theory for implementation in classrooms without possessing an understandable and comprehensive grasp of the historical circumstances that conceived these theories, the personal history of the psychologist that created the concepts and the research verifying each theory. This complication is similar to the genetics versus environment discussion that has exemplified the cognitive discipline. The paper will reveal that there are instances where one learning theory surpasses the other virtually as frequently as there are

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