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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Abstract The Hesiod myth is considered to come from Greece while the Hindu myth is believed to have its origin from India. The two myths are considered to be similar in many ways, however; there are significant differences between them. It is, therefore, more likely to encounter comparison mythology in numerous different literary works. In this paper, the mythology of Hesiod and Hindu are compared and contrasted in terms of the creation myth and nature and role of gods/goddess. The Hesiod second creation myth is compared and contrasted against the Rig Veda creation myth that is believed to be Indian. The nature of gods in Homer’s Iliad is also compared to the gods in Hindu myth, precisely the fish in the Flood myth. The paper is segmented into three distinct parts whereby the introduction orients the reader to the paper’s content, the main body which is divided into creation myth and the gods/goddess, and finally conclusion that summarizes the work. Introduction Comparative mythology can be said to be the direct comparison of different myths from distinct cultural setups in an attempt to bring on board the shared themes and the characteristics of such myths. Myths are traditional stories that mainly talks about the history or people or give out explanation of the specific phenomenon in the society. Different cultures have different myths which define the background of such cultures. The Hesiod myth is much different from the so-called Hindu myth through the two geographically distanced literary works might pose some similarities. The paper’s objective is, therefore, to compare and contrast the Hesiod myth

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