Compare and contrast these FOUR works. Millett & Maslowski’s

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REVIEW OF THE ROUGH RIDERS, THE CRUCIBLE OF EMPIRE, WINDOLPH’S BOOK, FOR THE COMMON DEFENCE AND AMERICAN REVOLUTION Name of Student Professor’s Name Course Title Date of Submission Summary and Thesis The author of the book the Rough Riders Roosevelt talks about the whole activities that were undertaken to form the squadrons that were involved in fighting. The war in the Rough Riders is between the American and the Spanish over Cuba. The group comprised of people from different states following applications sent for consideration. Roosevelt then talks about how they proceeded in the battlefields and what had transpired during the cold nights where several lieutenants could meet outside their tents and talk about some events of the war. The author goes ahead and tells us how one night he had slept without his clothes only to fall into the water. The book also offers vivid description how the soldiers had the zeal and dedication of fighting and winning the battle. Some of them were injured, but they could still hold on and give commands until the minute they became so weak to do so. At the end of the Rough Riders book, we are told that the US flag was hoisted as a symbol of victory. The squadrons that survived then prepare going back to the US in the last chapters of the book. When they reach, they disperse back to their families taking the belongings of those who perished during the war especially the weapons. On the other hand, the book of Charles Windolph talks about the events Sergeant Charles goes through in the battle of Little Big Horn. Before the war, the book describes that he had experience of almost six years serving in the Seventh Troop. The unfolding of

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