Compare and contrast the aesthetics used in one artwork and one scientific image.

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AESTHETICS USED IN ONE SCIENTIFIC IMAGE AND ONE ARTWORK Name: Course: Tutor: University: City and State: Date: Aesthetics used in one scientific image and one artwork Aesthetics examines art’s nature and how an audience explains it. It includes wider aspects such as order, symmetry, and proportion other than reason alone. Human feeling combined with emotions such as pleasure or joy aids one in experiencing the art while intuition helps in the comprehension part. Sublime and beautiful are the two terms which an audience can use their experience. Aesthetics convey visual beauty. They make an audience judge a given work by just looking at it. A mere glance is enough for a person to decide whether the object in question is beautiful or ugly. Aesthetics does not judge the value of an object with reason. More so, it excludes the ordinary or rather what is known and acceptable and appreciates by sense fulfillment (Pleydell-Pearce, 1970). A mere glance at the two works by the scientist and the artist may be judged as incredible. This is the power of aesthetics. The two objects are visually impressive and therefore concluded as beautiful. However, including reason undermines the power of aesthetics and makes the work less ugly for example due to the wrongful position of the ear on the arm instead of the head. Also, reason has that a mouse cannot have an ear on its back hence the work will be criticized by reason (Walton, 2007). The procedure that the creator of the art puts in place determines whether a piece of work is an art or not. For instance, the work of Stelarc on an ear growing on a human arm is a piece of art while the while the work of Charles Vacanti

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