Compare and Contrast George Orwells Novel 1984 with the 1984 The movie directed by Michael Radford

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Name Professor Class 6 December 2016 Compare and Contrast George Orwell’s Novel 1984 with 1984 Movie The Radford version of Nineteen Eighty-four begins quite differently than George Orwell’s book. The movie stars with a pictorial propaganda of war and words. This brainwashing technique is the Two-minute Hate message. In the book, Winston Smith walks through the war-torn debris that represents London and now called Oceania after the great revolution (Orwell, 4). As he walks he is, followed by a Party woman, he thinks is spying on him. The ruling class called the Party with Big Brother as a leader. His picture is everywhere, along with the telescreen that can see and hear everything. These next paragraphs will compare and contrast both versions of this storyline. Oceania, the city of slaves, work for the system that everyone calls the Party. Radford lines up with the movie as Winston coughs and struggles up the stairs to his flat. Winston comes inside and pulls out a smoke. He pulls a book out of a secret place in the wall. He starts a diary and the plot matches up with both versions. The Party wants to stamp out the free will of the populace. Every day the Party, play to a daily video called “The Two-minute Hate” (Orwell, 13), where the Party brainwashes them into declaring allegiance. Big Brother is really watching. They also march war prisoners through the streets past the people who rant and yell unspeakable things, a form of influence by what Orwell calls the “Thought Police.” The art of Doublethink is all about mind control and reality control “WAR IS PEACE,” “FREEDOM IS SLAVERY,” “IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH,” (Orwell, 6). The

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