Compare and Contrast Essay

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Name Instructor Course Date Love and Infatuation Love and infatuation are universal emotions. A good comparison of the two emotions can be drawn by observing lovers. This group often displays one of the two emotions at a point in their relationship. Love and infatuation are emotions that are inherently similar in nature to the observer who is not keen. Although they share some essential similarities, these two emotions also have both subtle and prominent differences that tell them apart. This article highlights the similarities between love and infatuation and the differences that also make it possible to distinguish the two emotions. Both love and infatuation stem from a common source. The two emotions arise from admiration. People admire the individuals and objects that they love. People are also infatuated by individuals who possess the qualities they admire. The two emotions appeal to what is best within us and are a reflection of that which we value. For this reason, these feelings are very personal and priceless. Also, love and infatuation are similar in the fact that they are both expressions of endearment and devotion. When an individual loves another, they are devoted to them. A lover will consider their loved one's interest the same way a mother would think of the interest of her child. This devotion is part of the nature of love. In the same way, when an individual is infatuated with someone, the infatuated person makes the other the center of their world. An infatuated individual is overly devoted to the pleasure and happiness of their partner to extents that appear irrational. However, the specificity in the nature of the affection separates

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