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Name Institution Course Date Compare and Contrast Machiavelli and Blake In the society, people have the freedom to choose the course of life they wish to follow. Some decide to be heretics, some politicians, others ministers of the gospel and various other ways. But even so, it is important to ensure that no one brings any disturbance or havoc to the other people. It is prudent to observe the rights of others. In this essay, the focus is on two different characters that took diverse ways in their lives. Machiavelli was considered to be a politician that looked satirical in his writing. Advice that he gives are ill-intentioned and malicious, yet he claims to be fighting for the people. On the other hand, Blake is one that fights for the Lord and holds strong Christian Principles. The role of this essay is to elucidate on comparison and differences between the two authors. Similarities between Machiavelli and William Blake Both of these two authors are trying to champion for leadership in the society. Machiavelli was an Italian diplomat and a political theorist. People sometimes claim his written work "The Prince" as the first works of modern philosophy and especially modern political philosophy. Under this job, of importance is the compelling truth than any idea that is abstract. This work also was in direct criticism and struggle with the Catholic stand and the scholastic policies of the time that relates to politics and morals. William Blake, on the other hand, was an English poet, painter and a printmaker. He is proclaimed to be the greatest artist that Britain has ever had (Blake, 20). The Bible was one of the most significant sources of influence in the

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