Comparative Essays using assigned essays from cMahon, Robert J. (2008). Major Problems in the History of the Vietnam War (4). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. [ISBN-978-0-618-74937-9 (Previous editions of t

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VIETNAM WAR Name Course Date Vietnam War In order to understand the major problems of the Vietnam War, it is important to look at a brief introduction of the entire war. The Vietnam War is one of the biggest wars remembered in history. Although active violence officially broke out in 1954 less than a decade after the World War II, the conflict had already started during the World War II. Vietnam, a nation on the eastern side of Indochina, a French colony, was invaded by Japan and Japanese occupied it as its colony. As the World War II continued, Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese from the Northern region was inspired by the Chinese and Soviet communists to fight for independence. He formed Viet Minh or what was called the League for the Independence of Vietnam to fight against the colonial powers and drive the Japanese and the French colonial powers from Vietnam. In 1945 as the World War II was coming to an end, the Japanese withdrew themselves from the region leaving French to be the only colonial power. By 1954, Ho Chi Minh and his communist party had risen to power and they declared independence on the Northern Party of Vietnam with Ho Chi as the president. They broke the war between them and the southern Vietnam under the rule of French-backed Emperor Bao Dai. This war broke at the height of the Cold War between the two superpowers who were at the time trying to woo as many allies as possible. In the midst the Cold War becoming more intense, the Vietnam War became a major interest in the Soviet Union supporting the north and their rival United States supporting the south as they stood their grounds not to spare any allies of the Soviet Union. The United States

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