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Name Professor Title Date Comparative Essay Romanticism is the past period of literature in which contemporary readers most began to see a consideration of themselves and their own contemporary battles and desires. The Romantic Movement displays multiplicity in theme, style, and content in English literature. It is a period of a big network of occasionally competing agendas, philosophies, and points of curiosity. Romanticism is apprehensive with subjectivity and an emphasis on individualism more than it is with the society ("Romanticism | Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art"). Therefore, this essay will analyze the romantic period using two poems “The Autumn” and “A Red, Red Rose”. The poem “The Autumn” depict different features connecting to Romanticism. The core feature shows that nature doesn’t just adjust, but people also adjust in the lives that they live ("Features of Romanticism in ‘Ode to Autumn’"). In this poem, Keats clearly utilizes the notion that nature changes continuously. He conveys creativity and art as another feature of Romanticism when he defines the change of autumn to winter “the redbreast whistles from a garden croft.” The “redbreast” in this case symbolizes variation in the seasons. Keats uses seasons to symbolize the concept that nothing stays the same and life changes constantly. The first stanza of the poem represents early autumn, “all fruit with ripeness to the core.” The second stanza defines mid-autumn as it talks about cutting wheat, “Thee sitting careless on a granary floor.” The last stanza of the poem shows that winter is impending, “and gathering

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