Company policy that encourages managers to empower their employees

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Company Policy Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Abstract Empowering employees is essential since it helps in motivating them so that they can perform their roles accordingly. Managers need to integrate motivation into a company’s culture. Managers need to empower employees so that they can experience intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation comes from within a person. Managers can do this by encouraging and inspiring them so that they can believe in themselves. Managers must seek the contribution of employees so that they can contribute to the economic growth and development desired by the company and themselves. Risks are inevitable in organizations, and it is the role of managers to ensure that all the risks are mitigated to prevent huge losses. I would suggest that the executives start a stress management program that will play a critical role in solving stress-related issues. Managers need to provide all information that is required for better decision making. The executive needs to establish programs and policies that encourage employee empowerment. Introduction Motivating employees is important in an organization since it helps in increasing morale, which in turn increases productivity. The motivation of employees needs to be based on financial and non-financial incentives since it will help in adding value to the motivation established. However, there are various risks involved in motivating employees. It does not always result in increased productivity. Financial gifts and rewards could be costly to an organization since it eats up a company’s profit. Offering different gifts to employees can result in

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