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community service provision like assisting the sick children. Likewise, the teamwork activities have helped me realize the need for integrity and trust. My peers have relied on me and come for my support in different situations. Thus, my behavior and character have shifted towards being trustworthy and a person of integrity. Further, the demanding, endless practicing has helped me face the life challenges and being time conscious in all my undertakings like completing my class assignments and adapting to college life (Lofts et al. 13). Besides, the dance has enabled me to survive and endure the difficulties in life as I have managed to attend all the competitions, practices, and performance, despite...



community service projects, vocational counseling, job readiness classes, cultural art opportunities and gender-specific programs. Such activities will be possible in collaboration with various community stakeholders. We will partner with various schools, institutions, and other relevant community stakeholders to access certain facilities for some of these activities. The community program is a form of nurturing the young people to grow into responsible members of the society and leaders. It is also a way of engaging them to distract them from indulging in other bad activities such as drugs and crime. The program will have mentors who have volunteered to guide the youth through recreational,...

Community Service Employment Program. Division 6 handles grants for Services and provision of funding for Native Americans and title 7 gives aid to programs to make sure that they protect the rights of the elderly (Thomas, 2013). The National Committee support added a number of funds to the OAA program to cater for the growing number of older persons and to compensate for the deductions in the previous years due to federal funds not being in sync with inflation (Fox-Grage & Ujvari, 2014). It also improved critical plans of action for the elderly that aids in giving income stability and enables the seniors to get the help and assistance that they require to keep healthy and vibrant in their...

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