Community service and volunteering

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For one graduate from high school, it is required that one complete 25 hours of community service. This is a directive by the ministry and not the school. Community service or volunteering is regarded as an integral part of rearing well-rounded academicians. As high school students, this helps us to develop maturity, gain the virtues of care and become versatile in future. By mandating all the college students to engage in volunteer services, they help us understand the civic responsibility that can never be acquired in a school set up. Besides, many things are being taught in the class that we need to visualize and interact with in the real world. These include the environmental science, cultural diversities and natural geographies. It is also a chance for us to utilize the knowledge we get in the class to help the community member to solve some of the challenges they are facing. In the process of volunteering, one gets more experience to deal with actual challenges on the ground. If one takes their time t study the market, it could be a chance to develop a career in that can help solve problems the society is facing in the future. However, the most important thing is for the student to be able to interact with the community, create connections, and prepare them for the next level where they need to have some vice and agility. I undertook my 25 hours of community service under two categories. First I did three hours in the flushing center. Here, I was engaged in cleaning services. We moved around collecting garbage and ensuring that the environment was cleaner and safer. I could consider this as part of environmental conservation. For a long time, I thought that it is

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