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Standard Operating Guideline- West Des Moines Name Institutional Affiliation Date Standard Operating Guideline- West Des Moines West Des Moines is a small city in Polk, Dallas. The community in West Des Moines is a small group of people that constitutes 25,261 households. This number of households is quite small compared to the total households in the US which sum up to an estimate of slightly above 300,000,000. Children that are below the age of 18 years and are living with their parents make up a percentage of 79.2%. The household proportion is 2.35, and the family proportion is 2.99. Couples that are living together make up a total of 49.2% while women who did not live with their husbands within the households total to 8.1%. The percentage of children that are below the age of 18 is 23.3%, those that are between the age of 18 to 24 years make up 7.6%, those that are between the age of 25 to 44 years make up 33.1%,those that are between the age of 45-64 years make up 23.5% and those that are above the age of 65 years make up 11%. The median age of individuals is 33.1% which means that the majority of the population are young adults. The median income of the individuals in the community is 70,882 and the income per capita for the city is 39,353. Among the population, 7% of people are living with a disability. People who are estimated to be below the poverty level are estimated to make up 5.7% of the population. Among the old (above 65 years old),4.9% of them are below the poverty level. Within the community, there are various emergency measures that have been put in place. The emergency services include the Emergency Medical Services, the police department,

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