community health and education( application essay)

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date Community Health and Education Community health is a collective responsibility that calls for the integration of individual efforts in providing quality and affordable health care to members of the society. Quality healthcare spans out of the typical hospital and doctor care to encompass several aspects of our career life. My desire is to provide quality health services to the community regardless of their gender, race, religion or even social class. It is very unfortunate to witness how the less fortunate groups and underserved population in the society suffer due to lack of healthcare services. With the recently acquired dental assistant certificate, my zeal to help the Seattle community is undying. My motive is to ensure that everyone understands the needs of oral hygiene and techniques deployed to prevent and handle various oral problems. Community health and education is an engaging field that requires one to interact with several members of the community and therefore sharing information on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Dentistry as a career falls under the same docket as public health. This is an added advantage as the transition will have minimal impact on my career. Interaction with members of the community has changed my perception of community health and education programs. The health docket is very engaging and through interaction with individuals from various backgrounds; I have learned more about the relationship between the community, healthcare, and education. However, the dominant enthusiasm to be questioned and challenged prompts me to pursue public health since it a thought-provoking

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