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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Introduction The community college is indeed a vital aspect of the American education system. Thousands of students, especially from the low-income earners have benefited greatly from the community colleges. It forms an alternative means for the high school graduates who cannot be accepted into the four year colleges because of either being unable to pay for the school fees or because of low grades access higher education. Moreover, other special groups such as the veterans, parents, and the unskilled Americans are now capable of accessing higher education through community colleges. Therefore, this paper will strive at addressing the role that the community colleges play as far as the American education system is concerned with the help of three articles. Common Theme of the Articles The three articles have a common theme of the importance of the community college. They cover the role of the community colleges as far as the provision of education is concerned. Besides, the article also featured the impact that the community colleges have had in the United States of America and the manner at which they are still impacting millions of American lives. The authors in their articles claim that community colleges form an alternative way of accessing higher education as compared to the conventional four-year colleges. They outlined the roles that the community colleges play in regards to the education system of the United States of America. For example, the community colleges are relatively less expensive, as compared to the usual four year colleges (Weinstein 3). This is because of the lower tuition fees, therefore, it allows the

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