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Communications In the Scientific American article on Milner’s work, researchers are the ones that have been quoted in the microscopic image. Researchers are the people who do research and report on the findings. The Environmental Science and Technology News article quotes a team of experts led by Peter Moeller who were a team of chemist and toxicologists. The article also quotes a group of scientists from the North Carolina state University. The New York Times article about Fumes and Visions quotes the archaeologists who study ancient fossils. Each of the quotes has different contents. The researcher’s content in the Milner works uses anecdotes to proof their works. On the microscopic image, the word killer has been printed, large enough to be seen by any person that looks at the picture. Large and visible words help in generating and passing the point that the virus under study kills. The research gives a description of what happened to lead to the researcher’s conclusions (Chin 14). The study also uses expert opinions that have an understanding of the toxic activities that were occurring. The New York Times article of archeologists uses facts that can be proved by archeologists. Some reporting verbs have been utilized in the articles. The say verb has been used in the Environmental Science and Technology to report on what the NOAA is saying about the New Pfiesteria toxin. The say verb is also used to explain what Peter Moeller and JoAnn Burkholder says. Some similarities are seen among the authors regarding who, what and how to quote. Both authors cite experts in some particular field. If I were to get the chance to obtain similar quotes like the ones in the

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