Communication Strategy Plan

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Communication Strategy Plan Supreeda Scribner Central Washington University Communication Strategy Plan for Teachers, Parents, and Students at Auburn Mountain View High School Introduction of the Communication Strategy Plan The purpose of this communication strategy plan is to provide a platform where teachers, parents, and students can communicate freely on issues surrounding students. This communication strategy plan is based on the evidence that effective communication leads to the improvements in student’s attendance, academic performance, and good behaviors (Hafizi & Papa, 2012). Therefore, the communication strategy plan aims at bringing several technological platforms together in a bid to bring maximum outcome. Evidence shows that communication between teachers and parents tends to reduce once the students reach high school (Hafizi & Papa, 2012; MacIver, Epstein, Sheldon, & Fonseca, 2015). The resulting communication breakdown has denied high school students the emotional, moral, and material support that parents would otherwise offer if they were aware of what their children are going through in high school. Therefore, this communication strategy plan will restore the hopes of struggling students. Purpose Relation to Organizational Goals, Strategies, and Culture Teachers, parents, schools, and school districts share a common desire of the American where no child is left behind (MacIver et al., 2015). However, teachers have to deal with the realities, where students tend to have different abilities to grasp concepts. Struggling students tends to perform poorly not because they have little intelligence but because they are slow learners. The

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