Communication Problems in Organizations

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Communication is a paramount element in any organization that has the dream of maintaining maximum production and efficiency in achieving the organization’s objectives. In many organizations, effective communication is often viewed as an important contributor to success. This is because the contribution of communication in performance business appraisal cannot be measured. Therefore, this makes communication practically invisible as an element of success within the firm. In many organizations, they put more emphasis on the physical contributors thus ignoring the problems caused by the invisible elements like communication. However, this is a big mistake in the organization as whole since most organizations’ ineffectiveness is caused by lack of communication or poor communication (HCareers, 2008). Consequently, in a case where the management of the company concentrates a lot in solving the visible problems, and at the same time they ignore the invisible factor then it will be challenging to reaching firms target since the communication between them and the staff is poor. The staff is expected to complete projects in time, but due to poor communication, they either receive inadequate information or are not able to communicate to the management when they feel there is something that is not going right in the process. This could create problems for the organization since the project might delay or even if it is completed in time. Secondly, it could have a lot of errors unlike when the staffs are free to communicate and seek advice. Thirdly, the problems could be solved easily. Lastly, it ensures reliable results. It is, therefore, important to every member of the

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