Communication, Culture, and Social Justice

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Communications study is a paramount course that addresses various subjects or issues that are contained in varying culture and social justice. Some of the main subjects or terminologies covered in this course are the aspect of communication theory where it focuses on building blocks, goals and theories of communication. Some of the prime theories in communication are standpoint theory, speech community theory, and spiral science theory just to mention a few. The goals of communications theory focus on prediction, control, understanding and reforming the communications strategy. Consequently, the main theory that has been emphasized in this course is the Coordination Management of Meaning (CMM) theory. This theory introduces two communication models that are; Firstly, transmission model of communication, this model defines communication as an equipment utilized for exchange information where a good communication consist of message well understood through meanings well conveyed and received. Secondly, the other model is social construction method which suggests that the way we think act and feel about ourselves or other people is portrayed in our communication style. Besides, social justice and Isms in a multicultural society is another area covered in this course. This is where it defines major diversity vocabularies such as advocacy which means speaking on behalf of or fighting for the rights of others. Furthermore, discrimination is expressed as differences made among people based on demographic feature, equality, inequality, fairness, etc. This course defines social justice as ways of promoting a just society which acknowledges diversities and discourages injustices.

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