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Student’s name Professor’s name Class Date Communication: Coordinated Management of Meaning Coordinated management of meaning (CMM) was created by Pearce and Cronen to solve issues about the social world and make it better. This theory explains how people create their social world through communication. Four claims were discussed to understand what coordinated management of meaning is. The first claim describes that people create a social world during the interaction. Griffin stated that “the way people communicate is often more important than the content of what they say” (Griffin 68). He has explained that body language, the tone of voice and other factors can determine how good or bad the interaction would be. “Mood and manner that persons-in-conversation adopt play a large role in the process of social construction” (Griffin 68). A similar statement was announced in a lithograph created by Escher in 1955 called “bond of Union” (Griffin 67). Another claim is that people’s perception of different actions differs. Griffin called this phenomenon “stories told, and stories lived” (Griffin 68). It emphasizes on the truth people make of the world they live in and how they live in the world. This method describes that people may live in a repetitive pattern which might occur as a result of a difference in opinion on a particular conversation or topic. According to CMM, it is called coordinating actions together (Griffin 68). “Pearce and Cronen maintained that it is possible for people to mesh their stories lived without agreeing on the meaning of their stories told” (Griffin 72). Further claims were based on the result we get from how

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