Common Health Concerns

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Common Health Concerns Step 1 Population The selected population is the immigrants. Step 2 Health Concerns Immigrants struggle much in regards to accessing the health care services. They encounter additional obstacles of language, mobility, and cultural disparities, lack of knowledge of local medical services, and restricted entitlement to privately and publicly financed health care initiatives and programs. Although the level of uninsured for this population has decreased since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, it has been determined that several immigrant employees cannot afford deductibles and co-pays (Stanhope and Lancaster 22). The immigrants’ lifestyles and the fear of deportation and interaction with the governmental bodies complicate the access to the health care services. One Health Statistic Generally, noncitizen immigrants are at least three times as likely to be uninsured as native-born American citizens. 44 percent of the immigrants are uninsured while only 13 percent of the Native Americans are uninsured (Stanhope and Lancaster 29). Cultural Aspect Language is a major cultural aspect of this population. Immigrants consist of people speaking different languages due to different origins. As a result, individuals within this population are less likely to understand each other or communicate one language (Stanhope and Lancaster 31). In other words, there is complexity in the language and communication. Nursing Role A patient-centered approach will be used to address the health concerns of the immigrants. The implementation of the intervention will involve nurses supporting the immigrants in their efforts to access the health care services. They

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