Commercialization of School Sports

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Commercialization of School Sports Introduction Sport is probably among the oldest organized activities in every society. In most communities, games were designed to increase social support structures. Games were thus used extensively in leisure time to foster bonding between individuals in a similar age set. Games were thus organized with special attention to the nature of the individuals anticipated to participate. However, the dynamics of sports have been changing rapidly in the last century or two. The onset of friendly matches between inter-communal teams gave rise to the need for precision in evaluation methods. This led to the formalization of sport structures as we see them today. In addition to this, an interesting phenomenon was rising. Games were beginning to become commercialized. Inter-communal games drew pools of fans from either side that had to be hosted in some form of auditoriums. These structures required maintenance. Additionally, since not everyone could be hosted, there was the need to establish vetting techniques for the tournament viewing. These activities introduced the initial forms of sports commercialization. Other types of commercialization then rose at a rapid rate. The prestige and financial awards associated with the winning matches introduced an emphasis for better players. Where sport persons had been selected purely on belonging to a particular setting, now teams began to scout for external talent in exchange for monetary awards (Furst, 1971). Modern professional teams are indeed made up of a deep integration of nationalities in a bid to win as many games as possible. There are also other forms of commercialization that have affected

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