Comments of Oedipus the King about Apollo and Prophecy

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Comments of Oedipus the King about the Role of Apollo and Prophecy Introduction Oedipus, the king, comments strongly to his friends about the prophecy of the oracles and the role Apollo pray in his suffering and his tragic ending. Bitter words of lamentation characterize the remarks of Oedipus, the king regarding Apollo or the gods. Oedipus terms the gods will on his destiny as a form of oppression and which should not have come from the gods. For instance, he says that darkness remains his world as the care of the Apollo is not felt. Oedipus blames the gods entirely and says that his bitterness and sorrows are all from Apollo. His comments are sorrowful and emotional when he mentions that Apollo has always been his hand but ended up striking him. Oedipus observes that his current state is a shame to the people of Thebes and brings agony instead of joy. Out of anger for the gods due to the prophecy, he tells his friends to take him away or kill him as the gods that are supposed to offer protection and are causing misery to his life. He also states that the gods have cursed and hated him above all men in the world (OK. 1510−1531). Oedipus observes that, if it were not for Apollo, then the evil prophecy would not have come to pass, the prophecy of the oracle that led him into killing his father and marrying his mother. He looks at his life as one full of impurity and without any god to guide. He painfully sees himself as a poor child being punished by the same gods that created him. He prays for the most terrible illness to attack and devour him. The worst fear of king Oedipus is about the unknown fate that will befall him after he dies. He is afraid of meeting his

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