commentary on the central issues of culture’

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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course Title: Date: Central Issues of Culture: A Commentary Abstract Culture’s elusive nature has drawn the interest of many theorists and analysts. However, deeper analysis of the trends across time reveal distinct characteristics which recur throughout different spans of time – suggesting that culture exists to achieve an inherent purpose common to all men. One such recurrence is the concept of achieving sweetness and light, whereby men attempt to create an environment devoid of hatred. It is through such high ideals that the fabric of any society is constructed and maintained. This essay analyzes different arguments presented in the first eight chapters of the publication Cultural Theory: An Anthology. Several aspects of these arguments fit into each other such as that culture and ideological expression are essential for the integrity of societal functioning – although economic capacity enables higher social classes to be more effective arbiters of the trends in high culture. Their influence, though disdained, has a tremendous effect on popular culture and may be used as an indirect system of oppression. Nonetheless, economic advantage is only useful to a limited extent. The book Cultural Theory: An Anthology comprises forty-two chapters. It features different authors from dispersed time periods and includes peculiar rare publications – publications that have shaped the course of contemporary cultural theory. The book employs a unique approach to cultural studies; the authors assert that the book departs from similar publications within the field by focusing on the constructs which affect its direction.

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