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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Number Date CIS 175 Week 7 Discussion: Command Line Tools Citrix server provides application use to the workstations and therefore it is not required. When recommending between UNIX and Windows servers, it is important to consider the workload. For a high workload, the most important factors when comparing these servers are stability, performance, scalability, compatibility, and price. Concerning stability, UNIX server is the most stable. UNIX server can handle high server loads better than Windows and Citrix. When it comes to performance, UNIX servers and Windows servers are the same in minimal stress scenarios, but under high load, UNIX server has better performance. Both UNIX and Windows servers can adapt to growth in needs although Windows servers are more compatible with UNIX-based programming features when compared with UNIX servers’ compatibility with Microsoft technologies. Therefore, Windows Server is more scalable. It is possible to host UNIX-based web servers on Windows servers, but the reverse is not always true. Therefore, programming for UNIX is the better option. Furthermore, UNIX servers are open-source and free, but Windows servers cost large sums of money. In conclusion, UNIX servers more stable, faster and more compatible compared to Windows servers. The “ipconfig” utility enables the viewing of sections of the Windows network. When suffix “/all” is added at the end, “ipconfig” provides additional network configuration information such as host name, node type, network card name, MAC address, IP routing and connection status. In addition to the “ipconfig” functionalities,

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