Colonizing a Planet

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Colonizing a New Planet Colonizing a new planet, also known as space colonization refers to a permanent or long term relocation and settlement into a new planet (Smith & Evan, 13). There have been several arguments on space colonization among them being whether there exist additional resources that can enable the continuity and expansion of human society and the survival of human civilization and biosphere in the event of damaged human well-being on a global scale which could lead to a crippled or destroyed modern civilization. A trip to a new planet would definitely be an adventure of a lifetime and a fulfilling opportunity for me to explore the universe. For that reason, the people I would bring on board on such an adventurous trip would be my partner Tony and best friend Cindy who is also a doctor and loves adventure. The three of us have been to camping, hiking and mountain climbing together and proved able to cope with living in harsh environments and weather conditions. Tony will try anything and share the experience, he’s also sympathetic enough not to blame when mistakes occur. He would accompany me so if we don’t come back we would live there and start a family. Cindy on the other hand always comes up with solutions to problems just in time. Besides, she’s a doctor and would attend to emergencies. What more would one possibly ask for other than exploring a new planet with two friends who know how to revive the mood when things go south. I would also invite an engineer who would help us in making new technologies and advancing on the already existing ones. I always have with me a photograph

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