Colonization of Americans by European Empires

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Name Instructor Course Date Colonization of Americas by European Empires Introduction The conquest of America commenced with the explorations of early European travelers. Famous explorers from England, France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal traveled to the Atlantic world for a myriad of reasons. While some came for profits, others explored Americas to realize religious freedom. Europe experienced turbulent times during the Medieval Period. From wars to incurable diseases, people were angry at a God who at that time seemed to have forsaken them. It is critical to note that a new era of exploration that changed the world forever arose out of the death and hopelessness experienced in Europe during Middle Ages. Europe’s lust for new soil, prolonged plagues, and hardships associated with provincial loyalties motivated people to seek salvation elsewhere. The Vikings were the first known Europeans to reach America during the eleventh century. Subsequently, European nations dominated the Atlantic World leading to profound changes in its population, landscape, animal, and plant life. Factors behind the Colonization of America by European Empire Europe had an apparent interest in the expansion of new territories for a broad range of reasons. During the early years of exploration, Europeans came to the Atlantic world in search of new opportunities for trade (Edling 1471). They also wanted alternative routes to overcome monopolies. For Europeans, acquisition of new domains implied more land, which in turn, signified power. Spain and Portugal were the initial states to colonize America (Edling 1471). Primarily, they were in search of new trade routes and riches. England

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