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Undoubtedly, there are convincing reasons to support the claim that my writing skills in the course of the semester significantly improved. However, I cannot hesitate to note that I encountered some difficulties while analyzing the assigned work. Firstly, English is not my first language, and I could not excellently write as I am used to writing in my first language. Writing in my second language signifies that the work contained some errors especially in the choice of words, the use of vocabulary and the coherence of the ideas. Secondly, the assignments I was given revolved around politics of which I have little knowledge on the subject. Consequently, my essays might have lacked deeper details in the political arena. Thirdly, I faced a problem while looking for the sources which I could use to support the claims in my work. Despite the problems I encountered, I put forward the claim that all that I learned in the semester on essay writing were of great assistance to my writing techniques. The skills I attained in the semester include reading skills, problems and themes analysis.Moreover, I got acquainted with literary and artistic stylistic devices. The skills acquired helped me to analyze the three assignments I was given. My first essay was entitled “Welfare: a Curse or a Blessing for the Nation?”The essay revolved around capitalism and Democratic socialism in USA and Denmark. I made the introduction of the essay captivating by mentioning the presidential debate of October 13, 2015, which featured Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.I employed thematic, stylistic devices to expound the underlying thesis that Democratic Socialism can only work in small countries

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