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StudentProfessor Course Date “A College Education Should Not Be Free” is an article by Branwyn M. Wilkinson published on Jan 16, 2017, at Odyssey. The author begins the article by posing a question whether it would be great if a college education is made free. This question is critical, particularly when linked with the political inclination of the nation. The idea, according to Wilkinson appears to be supported by both the politicians and liberal voters but she thinks it should not happen even though she is a liberal voter with massive student debt. As per the author, a college education shouldn't be free since it would cause more problems as compared to the ones it would solve. The review of this article will ascertain the strengths of the points highlighted and gauge if it can convince the readers. The principle point why college education should not be free per her is that Americans does not appreciate or value education. Students in the US treat learning institutions like a choir unlike in other parts of the world where students wake up at dawn and walk long distances to schools in search of education (Wilkinson 1). In other words, students will relax in school if it becomes free but put more effort if they pay, meaning education would be devalued if it becomes free in colleges. The other point the author raised in support of her argument is that college education presently helps create some divide in the society which will vanish if it becomes free. In her conclusion, Wilkinson suggests that government should step in and do something concerning the cost of college education in addition to the creation of programs that forgives students of the loan. This

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