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Name Professor Class 15 December 2016 Collaborative Project Summary The Superintendent Board’s primary focus in public institutions is Education. For it to be effective, managers must be in place to control, coordinate, and be responsible for the project. These challenges include overcrowding in elementary and high schools. The increases are due to immigrant populations settling in the district. The second issue is students having to repeat classes and some cases grade levels. The statistics for this are as high as ten percent with a two percent increase over the last two years. This predicts a twenty-four percent rise in special education participation by 2030. The increase in elementary failure rates causes a spillover effect in the high schools. At this rate, students will take longer than four years to complete high school. Congestion like this will deteriorate the educational quality rates. The lower test scores for math, ELA, and Common Core testing already prove this. Overcrowding presents a cascading problem of failures to learn the required information, in order to pass to the next level, and ultimately graduating without the right tools to live and function as adults. One solution is requesting exclusion from the program. This opting out would allow instructors to redesign lesson plans that focus on specific areas to improve the learning process of failing students. Referral is an option, but history shows that many students still fail to be successful. Another option is moving students to less overpopulated schools. Special education programs are crucial platforms that do assist failing students. The district will need to reevaluate the budgeting

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