Cold War or Civil Rights

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Learning More about Civil Rights Student’s name Course Professor Date Civil rights are those rights which advocate for equal treatment amongst individuals. By this, it means that the rights prevent people from being treated unfairly or from being discriminated against other groups of people in various settings, including housing, employment, education and more other places. Civil rights could also guard an individual against receiving unbiased treatment from situations which are legally protected. There are situations when a person's civil rights are violated in that, he/she is treated in a way that other people are not treated, and the kind of treatment given to him could cause him/her adverse impacts. If any person faces a treatment which he feels, he/she does not deserve, or which the person thinks that it denies him/her from enjoying the civil rights, then that person should report the issue to the legal systems for an action to be taken. In this article, having had enough experience when it comes to denial of civil rights, I have chosen to the right this article to discuss more civil rights and make people aware of what action they should take when they are faced with a situation of being denied their civil rights. “Civil Rights Movement” historically referred to the efforts that were put in place by the black-Americans to fights for equality in how they were treated in comparison to the whites. Back then, there was unfair treatment exercised on the blacks where they were taken as slaves by the whites. Activists started fighting for the rights of the blacks and movements were formed over the same, it is from this that the historical definition of the

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