Cognitive Development Essay Examples

cognitive development, I made the following observations for the child who was aged five years. Firstly, the child was able to draw a house and detail aspects such as the windows, chimney and a door. Moreover, before she began to draw the child was able to make an effort in writing her name. The other cognitive development that I observed in the child includes the fact that the child could draw without anyone’s assistance. Further, through cognitive development, the child was able to express ideas from the past. For example, the child informed me that the house she had drawn was from something she had seen recently in the neighborhood. According to Kinniburgh, Blaustein, Spinazzola and Van der...

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cognitive development is the pre-operational level, the stage between 2 – 7 years. This stage is characterized by simplistic actions whereby the teachers can even manipulate the environment with the aim of helping the students develop their intellectual abilities (O'Donnell et al. 2012). As stated above, pre-operational stage involves language development for the student, and as a teacher, you need to understand the individual difference, ability, or curiosity to know how to interact and help the student develop their language. This will help the teacher to know the strengths and weaknesses of each student and consider that while teaching them. This will translate to high-quality language input...



cognitive development based on four distinct stages. After observing how children make sense of the world around them, Piaget suggested four phases of how the mind processes any new information that it encounters (Laske, 2012). During the first phase commonly termed as sensorimotor, infants develop a sense of self-awareness, and that of the surrounding world by interacting with the environment. In the next stage, they require simple classifications of important features as they are unable to conceptualize abstractly. During the subsequent concrete phase, children begin to think hypothetically. Lastly, they achieve cognition during the formal operations stage. Preschool children especially those...

cognitive development in children occurs through their formal and informal interactions and conversations with adults. He suggested that the initial years of children is very critical for their development. Vygotsky argued that children can do more complex tasks with the assistance of an adult and that such challenging activities contribute immensely to their development. He also stressed the importance of playing games in enabling children to develop cognitively (Shayer 37). Piaget and Vygotsky theories share several similarities and differences. One of the similarities in the two theories include the fact that both acknowledge that children experience active learning (Shayer 35). According to the...

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