Cognitive Development: How Children Learn

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Cognitive Development: How Children Learn Name: Institution Affiliation: Date: What Surprised Me the Most about How Children Learn The role played by external factors towards cognitive learning among children has surprised me the most. Although the impact of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) towards the cognitive learning of children cannot be entirely ruled out, environmental factors play a vital role in the learning process among children. Environmental factors predominantly entail the nature of the family a child is born and raised, the nature of the schools they attend as well as the diet of children particularly in their formative years. Research indicates that children born and raised in families without many children are likely to be intelligent than their counterparts. The enhanced cognitive development of singletons compared to non-singletons can be explained through a resource-dilution model. The resources within a family can be broadly categorized into economic as well as interpersonal resources. Economic resources entail the available financial resources while interpersonal skills predominantly entail the attention given to an offspring by the parents. Therefore, when a new child joins the family the finite economic and interpersonal skills are dwindled. This explains the variance in cognitive development between children born in small families and children born in large families. Teaching methods can be broadly categorized into conservative (traditional) teaching methods and liberal (modern) teaching methods. In the traditional methods, school is considered a task to be endured. Teachers impact knowledge to the students through rigid techniques, such as

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