Cognitive Bias

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Delving into the Concepts of Cognitive Biases In simple terms, cognitive biases are part of the fields of psychology and behavioral economics that explains a person’s perception of ideologies based on his experience. In most cases, a person tends to hold on his own beliefs regardless of the contrasting opinions that may be presented to them by say a new environment or a new line of reasoning. This sentiment is best described by Henrik Ibsen through his main protagonist Dr. Stockman when he says, “The strongest man is he who stands alone” (Ibsen, 16). In the recent US Presidential campaigns, the incumbent President, His Excellency, Donald Trump, by then, was criticized by most supporters who gave Mrs. Hillary Clinton the nod. Each person’s opinion could later be expressed through a democratic voting process. Agreeable, a cognitive bias is all about a mind already made up. For instance, if one has identified a cropping issue, they should go for it, after all, personal goals are meant to be achieved. In the acknowledgment, piece by piece, psychologists like Abraham Maslow, have explored into the dynamics of such perceptions. Most of the positive psychologists suggested many ways of bringing happiness to one’s life because, positive psychology reflects on every aspect that enhances the greatest value in life, a situation known as eudemonia. Grasping of information can all go wrong when a person holds on his belief, turning a blind eye to the eminent sad reality. To some larger extent, a cognitive bias is vital. Most people love to fully express themselves without any foreign influences thus, in the

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