Cognitive Anthropology and Second Language Learning

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Anthropology and second Language Learning Name: Institution: Instructor: Date of submission: Second Language acquisition refers to a process by which human being acquires skills to perceive and comprehend language and develop the ability to construct sentences and communicate. Many scholars in linguistics consider language acquisition as one of the most important human traits because other animals apart from human being do not communicate by use of language. In most of the times when the terms language acquisition are used, mainly it means a process of acquiring either first or second language. Most children try to acquire the first language while adults try to acquire the second language. The capability of acquiring language mainly depends on or is determined by a number of language acquisition tools such as syntax and morphology as well as a wide knowledge in vocabularies. In addition, language can also be vocalized; such as when one is giving a speech. It is also good to note that the ability of human capacity is highly determined by the brain. Though the capacity to acquire knowledge can be finite one can comprehend a number of sentences when being spoken or when it is based on syntactic principles. Studies indicate that every human being as three mechanisms that assists in language acquisition. These mechanisms are relativization, complementation, and the coordination. On the other hand, there are two principles that guide one to acquire language; first is through speech perception and the second one is speech acquisition. A child develops an evolving system which assists in language acquisition, and it is built on steps as the child

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