cloud for telecommunication (voicemail or email)

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Name: Instructor: Course:Date: Cloud for Telecommunication (Voicemail or Email) Scope Cloud computing is very crucial computing resource on the internet. It is evident representative of a shift in the practice of computing product purchasing. The cloud computing has been gaining growth in the industry since its inception to the ICT services. Before actively investigating the crucial cloud elements, it was proposed by members and telecommunication experts in the meeting, to provide detailed documentation on the uses of the cloud for telecommunication. This report clearly outlines the significant cloud benefits from the user perspectives, partners, and telecom. The technical report further identifies the roles of various telecom personnel and players in cloud computing. This report also provides a clear overview of the extensive networks associated with cloud computing. Introduction Several peer research papers have been documented to provide in-depth information on the rise of the cloud computing telecommunication. The research methodologies and techniques employed have had the significant impact on the IT platforms. Cloud computing has evolved as a new technology that enables linkages between different software and systems. I have conducted numerous research to assess the extent of the activity. It provides convenience in accessing networks over a series of computing resources such as servers and applications. The technology involves extensive automation capabilities whereby; with minimal technical requirements. Most businesses settings currently rely on technology as their principle means of communication. Thus, efficiency in communication remains the key

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