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Cloning and stem cell research are issues that have had different responses since their invention. The former refers to a scientific process that focuses on creating a genetically identical version of a human being. The research that aims at using the idea of human cell differentiation in creating cells that can be used for the treatment of chronic diseases goes by the name, stem cell research. Although many public institutions are against human cloning, no bill has been passed to support their opinions ( Panicola et al. 199). The same is happening with stem cell research. There are a lot of differences when it comes to the political and ethical view of these issues. This research entails the...

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cloning and GM products and the impact to our natural world order. Many people are shifting to become vegetarians because of the inhumane way animals are handled and the adoption of factory manufactured meats. Other people are only consuming organic foods that lack any chemicals in its composition, in an effort to eat and stay healthy. Human beings in the past were manipulating plants and animals through selective breeding for survival. But in the past few decades, advanced technology has created genetically modified plants and animals used for research and biomedicine. These actions are ethically right, but with the increase in the human population and little amounts of food products, some people...

cloning natural human insulin in plasmids of Escherichia coli. Recombinant insulin is both safe and effective compared to porcine insulin. The article also indicated that insulin analogues (insulin glargine and insulin aspartate) were effective in achieving glycemic control in individuals suffering from type-1 diabetes mellitus. These insulin analogues are commercially manufactured through recombinant DNA technology. Hence, recombinant insulin in its natural or synthetic form is also effective in reducing blood glucose in individuals suffering from type-1 diabetes mellitus. Additionally, insulin analogues are also effective in achieving sustained blood glucose control. The article indicated that...

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cloning and DNA analysis: an introduction. John Wiley & Sons. Ibraheem, D., Elaissari, A., & Fessi, H. (2014). Gene therapy and DNA delivery systems. International journal of pharmaceutics, 459(1),...