Climate Policies in the United States

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Impacts of US Energy Policies on Global Warming Institution Name Abstract The central government and regional bodies determine the United States energy policies. The energy policies play a vital role inscribing the matters of energy creation, energy expenditure as well as energy distribution. Energy policies include; energy conservation guidelines, legislation, international agreements, provision of incentives and subsidies by the government. Scientists have discovered that the world is experiencing significant climatic changes over the first few decades. In fact, scientists have discovered a change in the climatic patterns influenced by the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (Shakun, et al., 2012). Per research and the images from the satellite, the rate at which ice caps are melting is faster, there has been a rise in the sea level and changes in the weather patterns. (Fisher, et al., 2012) There is an increase in water shortage. Furthermore, there is a growth in ferocity and occurrences of hurricanes, typhoons as well as whirlwinds. Expansion of deserts is evident, leading to difficulty in the production of sufficient food. All these climatic changes have impacts on the environment and the people. For instance, there will be a change in the pattern of precipitation, rise in temperature, an increase in drought and heat waves, increasing the strength of hurricanes and intensifying them. To solve these issues, governments, and international environmental protection bodies must step up their efforts to save the environment. Keywords: US energy policy, carbon dioxide, precipitation, temperature, heat waves Impacts of US Energy Policies

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